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Genuine Customer Service

Introducing Michael - your experienced personal travel planner.


Michael has over 30 years of accumulated experience in the International tourism industry.


Born in South Australia, Michael first travelled to Japan in 1987 as an exchange student and became fluent in Japanese. After graduating from Adelaide University with a distinction in Japanese language, he worked in a variety of tourism industry roles including for the largest Japanese travel agency both in Japan and Australia. In 1993 he travelled for four months in Japan seeing almost all of the country and has returned many times since.


Michael's extensive personal experiences  enable him to recommend and design an itineraries that match a client's interests and maximize their enjoyment of the unique experiences that Japan offers.


From recommending excellent and well-located hotels,  modes of transport, suggested travel times, unique cultural experiences and arranging friendly, experienced English Speaking Guides, his bespoke service is unsurpassed in South Australia. 


Please contact Michael to arrange your own personal and memorable experience of Japan.  

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Genuine Customer Reviews

"We cannot express enough gratitude for the brilliant assistance provided by Michael Seeliger. He made our trip to Japan the most memorable experience ever.


Michael demonstrated exceptional professionalism expertise and friendliness. He took the time to understand our preferences and interests and even when we gave him some strange requests, he worked it into a flawless 3-week schedule.


Michael’s knowledge of Japan is truly impressive. He offered valuable insights, recommendations, and insider tips that made our trip magical. He was a master at organising our travel arrangements and hotels. 


What truly sets Michael apart is his outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction. He was always available to address any concerns and fix any issues at any time of the day. We had our flight delayed going to Japan and Michael was available in the early hours of the morning to reorganise all of our connections and activities, he is unmatched in this field, and he always went above and beyond.


Thanks to Michael’s expertise and assistance, my father and I’s trip to Japan was nothing short of unforgettable. We experienced the beauty of Japan in a way that would not have been possible without his help. I highly recommend Michael to anyone planning a trip to Japan. You can trust him to deliver exceptional service and create memories that will last a life time.


Thank you once again Michael for your outstanding support."


 - Nick and Ron, SA

“We were looking to independently travel Japan & sought out Michael Seeliger to assist us.  Michael’s expertise and knowledge together with his team in Japan culminated in an amazing trip and experience for us.   Their recommendation of excellent and well-located hotels,  modes of transport, suggested travel times,   warm,  friendly, experienced private guides in Japan, allowed us to travel easily and extensively across Japan in 3 weeks. We felt supported by the team the entire way and the 24/7 app  provided direct contact, support and updated advice.   Our holiday was seamless & perfectly planned.  A truly wonderful experience that has left us with very happy memories of Japan.   Thank you Michael - your support, care and attention to detail was outstanding."  

- Sean and Julie B, Erindale SA


Feel free to contact us to discuss your trip requirements.


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